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Many unskilled workers would benefit a lot from the “Make in India” program, especially the construction labors and their supervisors. These workers are examples of unskilled workers who don’t have special skill or knowledge but rather have immense grit and commitment towards their work. The number of such unskilled worker is quite huge in India. They slog it out hard in their work earning just enough salary for their survival. We will talk about how they fit in to the economical perspective of India and how to hire candidate like them easily.

Construction is one sector where any uneducated or unskilled worker can get job easily due to the scale of this sector. The construction sector can be divided into three parts: infrastructure, residential and commercial. To complete all such construction related tasks, we need to Hire Construction Labour in Delhi in huge numbers. The construction labors are low educated or uneducated normally. They work under any contractor or supervisor which we will discuss shortly. The working life of a construction labor is quite pitiable. Many a times, they won’t get any decent salary and left to suffer without food and money. The Government of India is looking to better their living and working conditions. It will take time but the intentions are noble and will bear fruits in future.

Supervisors have to take a birdlike approach towards their job. They must oversee the works of low level or unskilled worker such as construction labor regularly to keep the flow of work smooth. They take every detail about the working of unskilled workers such as what type of tasks they have done throughout the day, their arrival and leaving time. They earn good salaries depending on the size of the construction project. Employers normally Hire Supervisor to make sure that everything is working fine at the ground level without bothering themselves.

So, you have the information about what they do and what are their qualities. Now, is you want them, you have to choose the right method. Many people ask; which is the right method? The right method will give you the desired workers without wasting much of your time and money. In this case, only the online job portals come to mind to tackle such situation. They are not as many as like the skilled counterpart but they have everything you need for hiring process. Visit and hire worker online as per as your need.

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Rozgar Camp A Ray of Hope for Unskilled Workers in Delhi NCR

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Many people from India come to Delhi/NCR for the fulfilment of their career aspirations. Their lifestyle, career and ambitions may be dissimilar but their primary purpose is to earn a satisfactory amount of money. Delhi/NCR has great number of skilled and professional workers doing various kinds of work in several companies. In Delhi/NCR, you can find a large category of workers doing work known as unskilled workers. Often neglected for their work, unskilled workers live a tough life with meagre salary, contractual jobs, issues of unemployment, long working hours, no pension plans, etc. The only ray of hope for the unskilled workers is Rozgar camp. Let’s see in details how Rozgar camp is helping unskilled workers.

Rozgar camp is a platform that aims to deliver information aboutjobs for unskilled workers. Unskilled workers don’t have any proper education and knowledge. They normally do whatever has instructed to them by their employer. Peons, cleaners, delivery boys, factory workers, construction labours, domestic helpers are some of the most common examples of unskilled workers. Unlike professional workers, unskilled workers do not have a say in their salary outcome. Every unskilled worker wants to improve their condition but the fear of unemployment looms large in their mind. For them, a job with a meagre salary is better than being without one.

Rozgar camp plan to eradicate this fear of unemployment amongst unskilled workers by organizing camps in various parts of Delhi/NCR. Rozgar camp collects information about unskilled workers and tells them about jobs that match with their experience and knowledge. They will be notified about new jobs on their registered mobile number if there are no available matching jobs in Rozgar camp. Rozgar camp is finishing the trend of local contractors with its innovative approach to the hiring of unskilled workers. Now, any unskilled worker can find jobs to their likings, location and salary and if these criteria are not there in the job than they can easily look for other jobs. With the inception of Rozgar camp, unskilled workers do not have to settle for contractual jobs and jobs with paltry salary.

Unskilled workers belong to the lowest social and financial category in the society and hence often viewed as an inferior category of people. In Delhi/NCR, they assist the superior employees in various kinds of work like doing various works as factory workers, deliver of particular products to their destination as delivery boys or as construction labour helping in the construction of roads & flyovers, shopping malls, residential apartments and offices. Rozgar camp is definitely come as a ray of hope for unskilled workers looking for work in Delhi/NCR.

Find Resume For Receptionist, Computer Operator From TheIncircle

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In any company, when you enter their office premises, you will be greeted by a receptionist. They are a mandatory thing in every office. She is the first point of interaction between the company and the meeting person. Delhi/NCR has many Job Openings For Receptionist in many companies. Receptionists are indispensable for any company. Due to this, they will be always in demand.

A receptionist handles various things like greeting any clients or persons, telling them to wait at the appropriate place if there is a delay in the proceedings, making them comfortable by offering water or tea etc.storing all the information about the visiting people like their entry and exit time, offering them security badges, answering the incoming calls and making calls if necessary, delivering the calls to the concerned authority. She also checks for incoming mails and sends mails whenever needed, receive and deliver any postal documents to respected person or client. The ideal person looking  a Job Opening For Receptionist must be a very sociable person. They must be calm and composed, confident, honest & reliable, punctual and must have good communication and computer skills.

Just like receptionist, companies also need computer operators to work in many different computers. The designation may sound normal but there is more to the name. The primary job of a computer operator is to submit data into the respective computer. The responsibility doesn’t end up here. The other major tasks that are done by a computer operator includes maintaining the performance of the computer at an optimum level by updating it regularly, check for faults, repair them or if the problem persists report it to the concerned authority, doing daily backup of system etc. As the name suggests, the computer operator must need to have a thorough knowledge about the function of computer, software, its requirements and their installation setup and their use.

There are various methods through which a receptionist and computer operator can find jobs in many diverse sectors. They can apply for jobs online with the help of job portals. Theincircle provides lots of job opportunities to receptionists and computer operators. Similarly, employers also can Find Resume of Receptionists and computer operators on our website. We know about the importance of such jobs that’s why we have created this website to help the employers and job seekers. Employers can find dozens of resume and easily select the desired person for their respective jobs. Find resume of receptionists and computer operators at