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The economy of India is growing with an upward trend mostly because of several initiatives launched by the Government of India and the positive replies from foreign Multinationals. Many of the major companies like Siemens, Foxconn, and Lenovo-Motorola have begun their production and many others have announced their desire to do manufacturing in India. This development is creating many jobs for the unskilled type of factory workers. Employers have increased their numbers when it comes to Hire Factory worker from unskilled category.

The sheer number of such worker cannot be underestimated as they work as machine operator, cnc operator, helper, quality checker etc. Working under adverse conditions with long working hours they hardly let the world know about their difficult life. They can’t even eat properly with their meagre salary forget about saving for future. After the “Make in India” project and several companies coming to India there is a sudden increase in their demand as employers are looking to hire machine operator and other factory workers for their respective factories. Machine operators and CNC operators are the workers behind the successfully working of many machines in the factory. They check various parameters of the machine and set them at the right level so that the machine can function at its optimum level.  Helpers are needed for various small tasks such as cleaning of many areas of the factory, its machines, disposal of wastes, loading and unloading of factory materials etc. Now you have a clear idea of how important such workers for any factory in Delhi/NCR. Many of such workers get jobs in factories through the help of contractors who act as middlemen between them and the factory owners. This can cause quite a discomfort between employers and workers as they cannot talk or negotiate with their employer directly. Right now many employers are looking to hire CNC operator and other factory workers directly eliminating the need of middlemen.

The quickest and hassle-free method of hiring them directly is by online job portals. They are of immense help to those employers who are on a tight schedule and tight budget as most of the sites are absolutely free to use. Just go to their website and register through employer section to see the resume of factory workers or alternatively post your job openings. Visit THEINCIRCLE job site to search and hire helper Online and any type of unskilled worker for your respective factories.

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