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In any company, when you enter their office premises, you will be greeted by a receptionist. They are a mandatory thing in every office. She is the first point of interaction between the company and the meeting person. Delhi/NCR has many Job Openings For Receptionist in many companies. Receptionists are indispensable for any company. Due to this, they will be always in demand.

A receptionist handles various things like greeting any clients or persons, telling them to wait at the appropriate place if there is a delay in the proceedings, making them comfortable by offering water or tea etc.storing all the information about the visiting people like their entry and exit time, offering them security badges, answering the incoming calls and making calls if necessary, delivering the calls to the concerned authority. She also checks for incoming mails and sends mails whenever needed, receive and deliver any postal documents to respected person or client. The ideal person looking  a Job Opening For Receptionist must be a very sociable person. They must be calm and composed, confident, honest & reliable, punctual and must have good communication and computer skills.

Just like receptionist, companies also need computer operators to work in many different computers. The designation may sound normal but there is more to the name. The primary job of a computer operator is to submit data into the respective computer. The responsibility doesn’t end up here. The other major tasks that are done by a computer operator includes maintaining the performance of the computer at an optimum level by updating it regularly, check for faults, repair them or if the problem persists report it to the concerned authority, doing daily backup of system etc. As the name suggests, the computer operator must need to have a thorough knowledge about the function of computer, software, its requirements and their installation setup and their use.

There are various methods through which a receptionist and computer operator can find jobs in many diverse sectors. They can apply for jobs online with the help of job portals. Theincircle provides lots of job opportunities to receptionists and computer operators. Similarly, employers also can Find Resume of Receptionists and computer operators on our website. We know about the importance of such jobs that’s why we have created this website to help the employers and job seekers. Employers can find dozens of resume and easily select the desired person for their respective jobs. Find resume of receptionists and computer operators at


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