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Huge Jobs for Mid-skilled and Unskilled Workers in Delhi/NCR

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Delhi/NCR has the lowest unemployment rate of 5 percent in the country. The reason for such astonishing data is that Delhi and NCR has almost every type of jobs including mid-skilled and unskilled worker jobs. The major industries of Delhi/NCR are Construction, Automobile, Telecommunications, Power and Retail. Mid-skilled and unskilled workers have great opportunities in these industries.

The huge number of companies and factories bring a lot of people from the UP, Bihar and all over from India. Without a good education or in many cases lack of education, they face a tough time in finding a good job. If they still able to find jobs through some contractors then also they have to face many hurdles such as delay in payments and job uncertainty. Nobody has given them the due importance for their work. Construction labors, maids, cleaners, helpers, security guards, delivery boys, drivers, peons, parking lot attendant and office boys are some of the most common example of mid-skilled and unskilled workers. Almost every day, there is some construction is going on in Delhi/NCR in which plenty of construction labors are needed. The swanky offices need peons, cleaners,  find helpers and office boys for its maintenance. Maids are required by couples who have busy lifestyle and delivery boys & drivers are responsible for the timely and safe delivery of products at their respective destinations. Security guards keep a close eye on the surroundings and prevent any unwanted incidents. The parking lot attendant’s role is very crucial in present scenario due to the increase in number of hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Unlike an educated person who can find jobs with the help of online job portals the mid-skilled and unskilled workers don’t have such luxury. This seriously restricts them in getting good and secure jobs. Due to this they feel hesitant to leave their current job with less salary and if some of them do leave their job face a horrid time of unemployment because of the lack of information about new jobs. Well, for the knowledge, companies and factories do have vacancies all throughout the year but the lack of information about good mid-skilled and unskilled workers keep the vacancies unfilled. Employers of companies and factories can now find resume of mid-skilled and unskilled workers from the free job site Theincircle. It is one of the most popular free job site that has plenty of data about mid-skilled and unskilled workers. Employers can find many categories of mid-skilled and unskilled workers at Theincircle website.

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Rozgar Camps Helping the Unskilled Workers To Find Jobs

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Rozgar camps are a great initiative for mid-skilled and unskilled workers. Mid-skilled and unskilled workers don’t have the requisite information about better job options. This restricts them to a job with less salary. Rozgar camp helps them find information about better job opportunities in their surrounding areas. Rozgar camp for unskilled workers plus unemployed workers to get their desired job. The workers looking for jobs have to come at the Rozgar camps and provide information about them such as the type of work they have done or desire to do in future, age, location, previous salary (if worked earlier) etc.

India is a very diverse country. It has some great cities with some of the world class infrastructure. Some of the most famous and well developed cities of India are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. Despite of such tremendous development there is still some areas that are left uncovered and undeveloped. The lives of unskilled people are still full of adversities and struggles. They have to work extremely hard in every weather conditions (hot, rain, cold) for their survival. They don’t get any respect or credit for their work.

Recently, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has announced initiatives e.g. “Digital India” & “Make in India”. Digital India initiative will convert India into a truly digital powerhouse. The main aim of this initiative is to connect rural areas with high speed broadband connection and provide Government services Online Job Portal. The Government also plans to train youths from several villages of India under this plan. On the other hand, Make in India project aims to encourage Global and Multinational Corporations to come and manufacture in India. These initiatives will create huge job openings for the unskilled workers in the coming future.

Normally the majority of unskilled workers are found at construction sites, manufacturing units, offices etc. The peons, cleaners, construction labors, factory workers, security guards, drivers, helpers, maids, etc. come under the unskilled worker category. Their work is small in nature but it is not insignificant. The Rozgar camps organized in the several parts of Delhi/NCR got favorable review from both workers and employers. Employers looking for such workers can find resume of unskilled workers from the database collected at the Rozgar camps. This information is helping several unskilled workers to get jobs based on their preferences. It also provides the much needed information to the employers. It helps them to make correct decision while hiring unskilled workers.

Find Resume For Receptionist, Computer Operator From TheIncircle

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In any company, when you enter their office premises, you will be greeted by a receptionist. They are a mandatory thing in every office. She is the first point of interaction between the company and the meeting person. Delhi/NCR has many Job Openings For Receptionist in many companies. Receptionists are indispensable for any company. Due to this, they will be always in demand.

A receptionist handles various things like greeting any clients or persons, telling them to wait at the appropriate place if there is a delay in the proceedings, making them comfortable by offering water or tea etc.storing all the information about the visiting people like their entry and exit time, offering them security badges, answering the incoming calls and making calls if necessary, delivering the calls to the concerned authority. She also checks for incoming mails and sends mails whenever needed, receive and deliver any postal documents to respected person or client. The ideal person looking  a Job Opening For Receptionist must be a very sociable person. They must be calm and composed, confident, honest & reliable, punctual and must have good communication and computer skills.

Just like receptionist, companies also need computer operators to work in many different computers. The designation may sound normal but there is more to the name. The primary job of a computer operator is to submit data into the respective computer. The responsibility doesn’t end up here. The other major tasks that are done by a computer operator includes maintaining the performance of the computer at an optimum level by updating it regularly, check for faults, repair them or if the problem persists report it to the concerned authority, doing daily backup of system etc. As the name suggests, the computer operator must need to have a thorough knowledge about the function of computer, software, its requirements and their installation setup and their use.

There are various methods through which a receptionist and computer operator can find jobs in many diverse sectors. They can apply for jobs online with the help of job portals. Theincircle provides lots of job opportunities to receptionists and computer operators. Similarly, employers also can Find Resume of Receptionists and computer operators on our website. We know about the importance of such jobs that’s why we have created this website to help the employers and job seekers. Employers can find dozens of resume and easily select the desired person for their respective jobs. Find resume of receptionists and computer operators at